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Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP

This racquet moves fast but still feels solid at impact. It also packs a low 62RA stiffness, lending it a more arm-friendly and controlled response than many of its competitors. 

On groundstrokes, the Gravity MP combines a comfortable feel with an accurate and spin-friendly response.

This racquet also features a rounder racquet head higher in the string bed. This not only creates a more comfortable and responsive hitting experience, but it also provides a bigger spin window, making it easier to attack the ball at extreme upward angles. 

  • Grip Size 4 3/8.
  • Free Factory Strings.
  • No Cover.
Head Size 645 cm2
Frame Length 685 mm
Frame Weight 295 grams
Frame Balance 320 mm
Frame Swingweight 286 kg.cm2
Beam Width 22 mm
Frame Stiffness 69 DA Points
String Pattern 16 x 20 Mains x Crosses
Grip Type HydroSorb Pro
String type Lynx 1.25mm

Customer Reviews

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My Review

The Gravity MP offered a more responsive feel, and I felt much more connected to the ball than I have with the last few generations of Head racquets.The Head Gravity is a 100-square-inch head instead of a 98, which I really appreciated. The 16x20 string pattern combined with the 100-square-inch head size was a fun blend of specs. My slices tended to stay quite low over the net, and I could really knife them. While it's not the most stable racquet I've hit with, it is stable enough for its weight class.